Gender Shrapnel’s Rope Ad

As of 28/11/2023, I’m focused on developing the partnerships I have for a while. Feel free to hit me up, of course, but depending on my “overwhelmed” level I might not answer. I’d also prefer to meet at rope jams first, and there’s a bit of a shortage of those - this means it might take a while between us agreeing to tie and actually tying. No, I’m not that popular (thank the gods!), it just doesn’t take a lot to saturate the limited amount of events I attend ;-)

Hey folks,

I’m a “mostly rigging” rope switch with about a year of experience, looking for a person or two to practice with. Quick things first:

How I tie:

What can I do for you:

What I won’t do, within the context of this ad at least:

Now, a bit more about me:

So, you got to the end of this. Thank you! If you like this, DM me. If the vibe seems right, we will:

  1. Meet once on neutral ground - there are some nice cafes nearby.

    To find out if we’re gonna stand each other’s presence for two hours or more, but also to discuss initial boundaries and expectations.

  2. If the vibes still match, we’re gonna find a rope jam to tie along for the first time.

    I personally think this is just the smart thing to do, and something I’d advise everyone to do.

  3. If the vibes still match, we’re gonna schedule an afternoon for our first practice.

  4. I’ll want to do a debrief afterwards, to find out if we had the correct mutual understanding of the aforementioned boundaries and expectations, and just how the entire thing worked out, both physically and emotionally.

  5. If the vibes still match, rinse and repeat from point 3. Or 2, if there’s a jam we both like.

That’s it from me. Feel free to check out my profile and ask me any questions you may have.